Rayvolt & Crowdcube: Stylishly Cruisin’ toward an E-Bike Rayvolution

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What do Harley-Davidson, Tesla and Rip Curl have in common? Each has showcased Rayvolt bikes in their hallowed halls. From a garage brand making custom bikes, Barcelona-based Rayvolt has grown into an international brand with reportedly 50K followers on social media. Pre-valued at £9,500,000, the startup broke even (1.3K GBP) in 2017. Ready to move forward at a faster clip, Rayvolt has paired with Crowdcube to raise £450,000. At this writing, Rayvolt has secured over 40% of its goal within its campaign’s first week, or more than £185,460 from 79+ investors, for the 4.52% equity offered.

Having already established a retail distribution network in 23 different countries, Rayvolt is ready to “be the lifestyle brand of transportation by creating unique vehicles full of character.” The crisp Insta marketing exemplifies this mission.


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