Impossible US-1 Drone Can Stay In The Air For Up To Two Hours

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It looks like an ordinary drone – one that appears to be fitted with a rather barebones design. Except, it isn’t. Instead, the Impossible US-1 is a commercial drone that makes battery life a priority, allowing it to stay in the air for two hours on a single charge.

That’s right, this quadcopter can take to the skies for two hours straight, allowing it to perform its aerial tasks for far longer before needing to return home. Seriously, that’s over four times the runtime of a standard consumer drone, quite a surprising capability for something that looks so bare and ill-equipped. Do note, that two-hour time drops to 72 minutes when it’s carrying the maximum payload (2.9 pounds), so it can only fly for over one hour if you’re using it to drop a bomb on a supervillain headquarters.




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