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Fast Facts

QuiGig is a new platform that unleashes the awesome power of the freelance economy by making, obtaining, & performing short-term services more efficient than ever.

We offer an interactive model that rewards quickness in communications and hiring, promotes a non-discriminatory hiring process, and helps users benefit the most from the data of their interactions. Our “Data Insights” tool proactively informs each user about how to navigate this industry. We also utilize a platform token combined with a smart marketing strategy to reduce the platform costs.

Falling Short

It has never been easier for the average person to become their own boss than right now and although today’s workforce is abandoning the 9-to-5 at record rates, there is still trepidation for many trying to make the leap from a traditional work environment to the freedom of freelancing. Setting your own schedule, getting full compensation for your hard work, and working in multiple fields at once has already attracted millions, and businesses are leveraging the freelance economy to save on employment costs.


Solving the
Evolving Workforce

Enter QuiGig: a web-based platform that allows anyone to offer or hire for hundreds of services – both local and remotely – using a simple bidding system & hiring process.  Our unique model makes getting gigs done quick, simple, secure, discrimination-free, with a variety of payment options.

At QuiGig’s core is a simple UX-friendly bidding tool which, along with our SEO focus, helps optimize traffic and low-cost lead generation.  From there, features like data-driven insights & a professional development platform work to further fill in the gaps in the freelance world.

But that’s not all.  Freelancers also have an unprecedented opportunity for growth with Quigs – our secure cryptocurrency that drives transactions on QuiGig.  Their growing demand but limited supply creates increasing value, especially when we have fixed our platform fee per transaction on USD but accept Quigs. Quigs are sold in bundles to be used as a utility token but also a security for reselling to users or an alternative to traditional saving. Sellers can sell services for USD, Quig, or other crypto payments.

Unlike other platforms, every QuiGig user is a person (not just an account) and can freely hire & buy gigs in a discrimination free system where only professional information are displayed in the hiring process.  We believe that everyone deserves the chance to thrive in the freelance economy and get #GigsDoneQuick!


Despite the 10 million monthly searches looking for services in the United States, the established marketplace platforms only receive 5% of their traffic from branded searches. Given that in the consumer goods market gets 20-30% branded traffic, there is a big opportunity to capitalize off of internet search (e.g. Google) through a SEO focus.

We’ve spared no expense when it comes to our SEO strategy.  Using a complex process, we’ve launched millions of search-optimized pages covering 100’s of services for 1000’s of cities – resulting in 5M projected monthly Google impressions of those page links from organic search only.

This creates more available gigs for freelancers and a larger pool of qualified candidates for gig posters. That’s when our use of Quigs steps in to create more connections, by helping to minimize spam gigs and maximize transaction efficiency & security.

Quigs can be purchased in bundles and used for $1 per transaction – both for bidding on gigs and submitting new ones.  Here’s a quick glimpse at the process from both sides:

The first 3 bidders on any given gig get free bidding tickets (while others must pay in Quigs) – which likely makes us the only freelance platform with a forever-free system for freelancers.  Other features & benefits QuiGig brings to the freelance world include:

Something Great

QuiGig hasn’t been around long but we’ve already accomplished quite a bit:

Platform has been hard launched, with gig placement, bidding, the Quig Store, & many other elements now live.  Provider payments in in 190 countries are pending release.

The Quig has been registered with the SEC (Regulation D) and Texas Secretary of State and is in the process of being registered as an exchangeable cryptocurrency.

536,870,912 preferred Quig shares are issued (half are available for purchase).

Are currently approaching the 2,000 user mark and generated over $20,000 in revenue in May 2018 alone.

Patent pending on our SEO process and 3 published trademarks (1 more pending).

Partnerships securedwith Tipalti, Stripe, Validity Screening, Interdependence, and IBM for financial & transaction management, user screening, technology and PR.

For more information on QuiGig and what they have planned for the future, please request access to the Business Plan portion of this Fundable profile!



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