SOHOLINE:Crush Proof Wireless charger & USB-C Hub

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Introducing Soholine All-in-One : a perfect unibody of high-efficient wireless charger and a host of full-speed ports, welcome to embrace an easier world with USB-C -7-in-1 USB-C Hub -10W Wireless Charger -Get up to 5gb/s data transfer speed -Space grey color & Sleek zinc alloy material -USB-C phones and tablets compatible *On mobile, click “READ THE STORY” to learn more.


Soholine is small and light enough to easily keep in your bag at all times.

It gives you access to all the ports you need (4K HDMI, microSD, SD, 3 x USB 3.1 and USB-C Power Delivery). even more.

You can Upload and backup all your photos & videos from your phone, cameras, external hard drives, and laptop all at the same time!

Also, wireless charging your phone,

the dongles clutter has been fixed once and for all.

Almost all Qi wireless chargers currently in the market are the 5W, 10W or 15W variety designed for Android Smartphones

which may not work well with the iPhone or charge the iPhone very slowly at less than 5W.

SOHOLINE Supports the Latest Wireless Charging Standard of 10W High-Speed.

(Compatible with iPhone 8/X and Android Wireless Charging Enabled Devices)

Better and faster than Samsung and Belkin wireless chargers

SOHOLINE offers the most flexible and efficient connectivity in HUB products.

Get up to 10gb/s data speed with USB-C and 5gb/s data speed with USB 3.0.

You can now transfer data to multiple devices,

simultaneously, in a blink of an eye.

Most USB-C Hubs in the market are made of plastic material which are easy to break.

We redesigned the amazing accessory’s style that USERS will love.

Space grey & Sleek zinc alloy body, advanced surface procession technology are perfectly matched with your laptop.

Not only good looking but also small and light enough to easily keep in your bag at all times.

Soholine will enable you a long-term use without damage.

SOHOLINE is virtually able to turn any USB-C port into 7 ports,

including the USB-C port on mobile phones.

With Soholine, you can easily manage some of your USB-C phone or tablet

In Soholine, you can connect your Macbook or USB-C laptop to your TV or projectors

through the HDMI port.

Watching your favorite shows and movies

or show your business presentation with magnificent quality and color.

Never has HD looked so clear as it will when you use Soholine.

The most durable hub you’ve ever owned.

Most lithium-icon or plastic hub or wireless chargers are

capable of being used about 500 times.

That is sort of the “Life expectancy” of the internal components and body material




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