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AnchorChef Vacuum Mini 2: Multi-functional Handheld Vacuum Sealer An electric vacuum sealer designed for vacuum preservation and item storage. Mini 2 is a small, smart, strong, and powerful multi-function vacuum compressor.


Reimagined from the ground up

We took everything we’ve learned from designing the best portable vacuum devices and created the AnchorChef Vacuum Mini 2 with the quality design and useful device you can expect from AnchorChef.


Every decibel counts

Do you know how noisy the vacuum machine and vacuum cleaner are?  It’s over 85dB. Our obsession with noise drove us to design Vacuum Mini 2 to reduce the noise to less than sound level 50dB.  You may wonder why you put up with your vacuum machine for so long.


Made for everyone

The Vacuum Mini 2 is easy to carry, it will be helpful to you to vacuum anywhere. Mini 2 is simple and useful, it’s good for vacuum food storage with our zipper bags and/or compress luggage during travel.


Big on technology, small on size.

The 3.97″ Vacuum Mini 2 can store in kitchen drawer, or carry in backpack and travel suitcase. The minimum air flow rate is over 4L/Min.  It’s portable and powerful for you to use this new device anywhere.





Vacuum Silicone Bags for Sous Vide Cooking
We designed the first vacuum silicone bag for people to store the food by isolating water moisture and air in order to cook and clean easily.


Vacuum Storage Boxes

Materials are BPA Free. The storage box is good for carrying your delicious healthy food such as your favorite chicken salad.

AnchorChef – Your health diet!


Packing personal items for travel

It’s easy and convenient to pack your personal belongings by compressing them.


Space saving for luggage

It can save over 50% space of your backpack and suitcase, so you can carry your own pillow and comforter to keep you healthy every day.

AnchorChef – Your healthy life!




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