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Bloomengine, a beautiful smart planter, offers the new concept of indoor green life for all plant lovers!

With Bloomengine’s innovative technology, plants can be monitored, watered, and cared for any time, anywhere. Bloomengine is perfect for the plant-lover looking to experience a seed sprout, bud, and bloom in the convenience of their own home.

Bloomengine is specialized for plant growth by creating a natural-like environment with soil, water, minerals, air, and sunlight.

Sunlight with a specific spectrum and correct wavelength working differently depending on the plant’s level of growth (sprout, growth and blossom) is essential. As you know, all plants depend on the sun for survival.

We have applied enough brightness (about 10~25k lux) and light wavelength (about 380nm~780nm) of LED lighting to Bloomengine shown so you can easily grow plants indoors.

Watering with soil is needed for a flower to bloom and to maintain the plant’s overall health. Recent products like hydroponics are concentrated on herbs and edibles.

A pump in the upper & lower tank circulates the water.
A pump in the upper & lower tank circulates the water.

Using soil offers suitable conditions for regular wet and dry periods with minerals which are essential for flowers. The right structure and microbial ecology in the soil help your plants grow healthy.

Transpiration is the process that helps keep the plant control its temperature. It also supports photosynthesis and encourages the exchange of gases in the atmosphere.

The micro-fan inside circulates the air inside.
The micro-fan inside circulates the air inside.

Rain is the natural weather condition that occurs when water from the ocean precipitates as the result of water circulation. It is an essential factor for plants growth overall.

Aurora, the arcane phenomenon, is a beautiful lighting curtain of a planet produced by the sun.

※ Depending on the seed germination rate and indoor environmental conditions, using Bloomengine may not bud.(Typical seed germination rate about 70 ~ 90%, recommended room temperature 74 ~ 83 ℉ / 22 ~ 28 ℃)

Bloomengine offers a more joyful indoor gardening environment with new functionalities to the everyday planter. Experience a new concept of planting with technology for gardening.

The pre-installed Full HD camera shows your plant’s real-time status via photos. You can select the time-lapse function to capture the unbelievable moments of your plant growing at each stage.

Timelapse example of Daisy growing
Timelapse example of Daisy growing

You can easily customize environmental conditions for your plants via the Bloomengine application available for Android and iOS devices. Watering and lighting times can be scheduled and even time-lapse can be set according to you and your plant’s preferences.

Watching your plant grow will make you excited to share the experience with your friends and family.

 project video thumbnail

 project video thumbnail



Participated Exhibition in 2018
Participated Exhibition in 2018
Participated Exhibition in 2017
Participated Exhibition in 2017

Bloomengine aims to provide an environment of indoor cultivation for plants using the latest technology. Why?

Save Plant Extinction

Across the planet, plants are threatened with extinction and are expected to disappear within several years. Beautiful flowers you see now could be considered historic species for future generations.

To prevent further plant extinction, Bloomengine will continue to develop newer products and share data on plants to safely and effectively cultivate an environment that can save plants from extinction.

 Plant Book and Dictionary

Today, we can gather facts about plants from only photos and vague data. It is difficult to understand information about plants or to experience a wonderful moment like a flower’s first bloom with such non-descriptive information.

Our plan is for Bloomengine users to share growth information with each other like sprouting times, growth progress, and first blooms with the best environmental condition and time-lapse videos, so people can easily understand the plant’s lifecycle. This would be shared in our community or on Wikipedia as text data or GIF files.

Share The Moment

Our goal is not only to make better conditions for your plant indoors but also to help build bonds between people and plants.

We believe that Bloomengine will help everyone understand plants better and share the amazing moments of plants with others.

For A Better Place

We want to create better interior spaces through Bloomengine.

Bloomengine’s design goals are (1) Making it easy to grow plants indoors. (2) It does not make the product stand out, but instead, makes the plant stand out. (3) It uses a simple design that will suit various indoor spaces.

You can make your interior space more special with Bloomengine. Always be with your pet-plants in your own home.


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