Hey, Ford built a self-driving truck too!


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With the F-Vision, Ford too jumps onto the autonomous-truck bandwagon, and why shouldn’t they? Autonomous trucks, if done right, benefit everyone. They’re safer, they can work day and night (bringing down the cost of logistics), they work on holidays too, and autonomous trucks don’t unionize (yet).

The F-Vision, unveiled at the Hanover Motor Show, however, won’t be completely autonomous. The silver, curvaceous vehicle comes with Level 4 autonomy, which means there’s a human overseeing the truck’s decisions, either within the truck, or remotely. This explains why the F-Vision comes with a cockpit, a windshield, and a very discernible human-sized door. I’m not a fan of the halftone detail on the windshield, personally… but it’s the prospect of self-driving logistics that excites me more than anything else.

Designer: Ford


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