LIFEPOWR A3: Fastest USB-C PD and AC Power Bank


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 The most powerful USB-C PD battery. It’s future proof, versatile and lets you disconnect from the grid while staying in charge! Combined with the USB-C PD Solar Panel, Car Charger and Cables you have ultimate freedom at your fingertips! The A3 packs the fastest USB-C port available, supporting Power Delivery (PD) up to 20V / 4.3A, along with AC outlet (120W) and Quick Charging USB-ports.
  • Easier and faster universal charging of all your devices.
  • Ultimate simplicity.


“My A3 + solar panel arrived today! (Norway)
Thanks a lot, the quality is amazing. Very satisfied” – E.R.

“Received the A3, charger, solar panel and metal usb-c charging cable two days ago.
Have to say: the packaging and more importantly the products look great! The A3 does an awesome job at charging my 15 inch MacBook Pro. Thanks for an awesome first indiegogo experience and congratulations on the way your hard work has paid off. Hats off!” – S.M.

“Received my A3 today. Works perfect so far. Good work you have done with this. And now I also can take my Mac on the go and charge everywhere. Nice.” – F.E.




The fastest charging over USB-C PD gets any device back on track in a snap. The AC output and fast charging USB make it the most versatile portable power solution. The brushed aluminum housing ensures a robust and super sleek design.


The A3 is the only battery that can charge a MacBook Pro 15″ at full speed, straight from USB-C

Combining a USB-C and AC output in one portable battery lets you power a wide variety of gear, new or old. The LIFEPOWR A3 is the perfect powerbank for any MacBook / Laptop, whether it accepts USB-C or still uses a standard 120V / 230V plug.


USB Type-C is the new connector that will soon be a part (and port) of all your devices.

Why?  Because it beats all previous connectors.
It’s reversiblefast, bi-directional (it can send AND receive),
multi-functional (it supports power AND data), small and universally compatible.


USB Power Delivery (USB PD) enables you to recharge all your devices with the same cable and power supply, easier and way faster.


Want to know more about USB-C and Power Delivery (PD)? 

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Or watch this video:



Be in charge, power up on your own terms



We developed the A3 to be free and independent. To have power wherever we need it and be able to disconnect ourselves from the grid. This goes hand in hand with creating your own energy.


Solar charge your A3 with the SUN20C, our high-efficient portable solar module, you’ll have a personal solar power generator and storage unit.




Play your instruments without limitations



Our battery management system not only stands for safety,  it is also designated to extend the batteries’ lifetime by making sure it doesn’t over-charge or over-discharge.

When the A3 is not in use, it barely loses its charge. This long shelf-life makes the A3 the ideal battery pack to add to your emergency kit: charge it once, use it anytime when you need it! 


Between Design and Technology

The LIFEPOWR A3 is a piece of art, intelligently designed to please the eye and soothe the brain. We kept it simple and clean because LESS is MORE.

Because Design Matters 

Smart, Compact & Powerful.  No wasted space inside. Not just pretty on the outside, but on the inside too. Symmetrically positioned battery cells to provide a balanced weight.


96W USB-C PD Car Charger: 2x Type-C PD (60W+18W) and 1x USB-A 18W compatible with all fast charging protocols

A Beast of a USB-C PD Cable:  Fast Power & Data over a durable flexible Stainless Steel cable: 100W 20V/5A power + USB3.1 gen2 data

65W USB-C PD Charger: Charge your A3 to 90% in 2 hours with this dual output fast charger with extra USB-A QC3.0 port.



The SUN20C   solar pack is an ultra light, portable solar panel professionally designed to power up the LIFEPOWR A3 and other devices such as smartphones and tablets at any sunny location.  Crafted with the best SunPower® materials for a clean and long-lasting design. Cutting-edge controller with Power Delivery and QuickCharge 3.0 technology.


  • 24W of power in a foldable solar panel
  • Size: 10.6″ x 11″ x 1″ (folded) 
  • Weight: 1.45lbs (650g)
  • Outputs: USB Quickcharge 3.0 5V 2A / 12V 1.25A + USB-C Power Delivery + DC5521 barrel 12V / 15V / 20V
  • Built-in positioning stand
  • Daisy chain-able for more power



A closer look at the A3

top: EU Outlet Model | 230VAC 50Hz

bottom: US Outlet Model | 120VAC 60Hz

USB Type-C with Power Delivery (sometimes referred to as Thunderbolt 3) can carry significantly more power than all of its predecessors.
USB Power Comparison

Packed & Ready to ship!



Made with Passion and Knowledge.

The A3 doesn’t just grow on a tree. We’d love to give you the insights of how our products are designed and manufactured, from the bottom up:

The product development cycle starts with weeks of planning, research, calculating, drawing, testing,…

When the concept and prototypes are in their final stage and conformity tests are passed, we can move forward to the manufacturing stage. Here’s an overview of the steps we go through before we can deliver a LIFEPOWR A3 into your hands:

First molds are crafted for both the Aluminum housing and ABS inner case:

Many core components are made by a range of suppliers, who excel within their niche.
The outer cases are first extruded from Aluminum sheets, then moved to a CNC-milling plant.


Afterwards, they get their surface-finishing steps: anodization and finally brushing.


The Battery cells are first tested one by one for a full cycle to confirm their capacity and then soldered together into a pack.
A specialized company supplies the Printed Circuit Boards, after which our Surface Mounting Technology machines components onto the board. The final larger components are soldered by hand onto the PCB.

All of these components are then brought together to be assembled together in the final stage.

When completed,  the A3 goes to the Quality Control section: all functions are individually tested, and if approved they move to an aging room. Here they get a full discharge and charge cycle. Afterward, they again receive a full functionality test and if approved they move towards the packing line, where together with the charger, cable, manual etc., they are packed and boxed and shipped to our warehouses in the USA and Belgium.



The LIFEPOWR family


Although we’ve done this before,  there are always unforeseen circumstances that can slow down a product development and production process. No project is without risks and challenges, but we thrive to minimize them as best as we can. A new product also means a new conformity testing process that may result in redesign iterations. For example, meeting EMC-directives might require additional components which result in a PCB redesign that is larger than the original spec.

Some of the extended goals, however great that we can realize them thanks to the gathered funds, will require extra development time. Please understand that delivering on more products than initially planned might postpone deliveries. 

USB Type-C™ and USB-C™ are trademarks of USB Implementers Forum.


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