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It’s no secret that the toilet brush is the grossest thing in the bathroom. But even when the smears and smudges seem to be gone, the bacteria and germs are not!

Often times, bathrooms are cleaned just enough to pass the Visual Inspection but, while that may earn you a (check mark) on the list of daily chores, it doesn’t protect you or other people using the bathroom!

Current toilet brush and base systems just perpetuate what we call the GERM CYCLE. This is simply the transfer of germs and bacteria from one location to the other, and never really getting rid of the ecoli.

Your toilet bowl can house over 3.5 MILLION bacteria, per square inch

It’s possible to disinfect your toilet brush, but that would require you to do one of the following…

You work hard to clean the toilet, then you put the brush back into a moist, dirty, dark base and let the cycle start all over again.

Let LUMI do the work for you! LUMI utilizes germ killing UV lights that clean your brush for you!

(Base & brush are white, NOT black)
(Base & brush are white, NOT black)

LUMI is an innovative Toilet Brush Base that uses UV lights to kill germs. When you place your brush in the base, it goes through a germ killing cycle then turns off until you need it again.


Now with the LUMI Self-Sanitizing base- we kill those germs at their home base before they have a chance to grow again.


After cleaning, simply return the brush to the base. The Smart base recognizes the brush has been returned to storage and the cleaning cycle begins!



In order to kill bacteria and have a “germicidal” effect, UV light wavelength needs to be between 180 and 280 nanometers.

The LUMI Base has been coated with reflective aluminium to maximize the effectiveness of the germ killing UV light.

Peak germicidal effectiveness occurs at 265 nanometers which is the UV wavelength of the LEDs used in the LUMI base.

It’s important to note that the 265nm UV Light wavelength is hardly visible to the naked eye. We’ve added addition Blue LEDs to make sure you know when the cycle is running and when it’s done. Additionally, the Blue light contains wavelengths that have been shown to stunt growth in or kill E. Coli and Staph, so it’s a really a 2-in-1 system.

In order to make LUMI unique and with the goal of delivering the best product on the market, we focused on a few key features:

  •  Heavy duty build. We didn’t want something that felt like it was going to break after a few uses. LUMI is a long-term investment!
  •  Sleek Design. The role of the toilet brush has always been to “stay as hidden as possible”. With LUMI, our goal was to come up with a sleek design that complements the bathroom and isn’t an eye sore; we’re very happy with the final design!
  •  Improved Functionality. LUMI solves 3 key problems of toilet brushes currently available on the market: 1.Fostering germ growth.  2.Falling over and sliding. 3.Visible and Messy

With germ-killing UV lights, a weighted base with anti-slide grips, and an auto-open/close system, LUMI has solved each of these problems!


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