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NIU is optimistic about the future of living in cities. We are here to free you from urban congestion, and to inspire you to unlock the potential of your city.
– World’s #1 Smart eScooter
– Bosch Motor + Panasonic Battery
– 100km+ on a single-charge
– APP Connected
– GPS Security
– €0.30* / 100km ON MOBILE:

Today, we are introducing the all-new NGT and M+; two smart electric scooters that bring you the perfect balance of speed and range. Since all of our scooters are connected, you can check things like location, estimated riding range, and even anti-theft alerts straight from your phone.



Today’s launch is no rehearsal for us; we’ve been designing and building smart electric scooters since 2015. In just three short years, our scooters have clocked more than 1 billionkilometers across the globe.

The NGT is our most powerful scooter. The NGT has a 3kW Bosch motor that cranks out a top speed of 70km/h, and a range of well over 100 km thanks to its two removable Panasonic batteries. You can easily drive all week on just a single charge of your batteries.

The NPro is the addition you were all asking for. It is an NGT that is capped at 45 km/h. No other differences, exactly the same specs. So in countries like Germany, you only need a car license to drive it, NOT a motorbike license. You asked, we listened.

The M+ is the newest model in our M-Series: winner of 5+ International Design Awards. It’s sexy, practical and built for 2 riders. The M+ effortlessly zips around urban streets, boulevards and alleys at 45 km/h with a real city riding range of well over 100 km.

The NGT and M+ are both equipped with industry-leader BOSCH brushless hubmounted 3kW and 1.2kW motors respectively. The BOSCH 3kW motor easily accelerates up to 70 km/h.

The NGT and M+ are electrified by our Panasonic Lithium-ion removable battery packs. A single charge takes just 3.5 hours and provides a range of well over 100 km of riding. At under 14/11 kg respectively, you can easily carry the battery into your home and charge it in any standard wall outlet, just like your computer.

The NGT and M+ have an on-board computer that constantly communicates with the cloud so you can view real-time data on your smart phone like GPSrecent rides, and even anti-theft alerts. We also provide regular Over The Air Updates (OTA) that gets you the most updated software for your scooter.

The NGT comes standard with CBS for safe-braking at high speeds. Both the NGT and M+ come equipped with regenerative EBS braking, which effectively adds around 5% morerange on a single charge.

Our campaign is a little different than what you are typically accustomed to on Indiegogo, as we will only be taking a €100 deposit today, and the full and final payment will be made at the store you choose to pick-up your scooter at in January when we make delivery.

During our 30-day campaign here on Indiegogo you can make a €100 deposit for the NGT, NPro, or the M+.  This €100 deposit will get you a discount off the 2019 retail price. By making a deposit today you will save €300 on the M+, and €500 on the NGT and NPro when you pick it up at the store.

*The suggested retail price of €2599 and €4499 is based on a 19% Value Added Tax.

So from now until October 26th we will be taking  your €100 deposit for the scooter of your choice. Within a few days after the campaign on Indiegogo finishes you will receive an email from us to 1) Select the color of scooter you would like and 2) Select the store/dealer you will pick-up and make your final payment for your scooter.

As a token of your support, the first 3000 backers will receive an exclusive gift package worth €300+, containing the following:

1x Helmet case stand // 1x Back Rest //  1x Phone Holder

 1x Scooter Rain Cover // 1x Winter Leg Cover // 3 Years Data Service


Over the past three years we have been covered around the world from Forbes to TechCrunch to Auto Bild and many more. Google and Youtube search NIU to read and watch the reviews…


Cities are there to be explored, and we’re providing an awesome mobility solution to #unlockyourcity We are all about changing your daily commute, where you can park, where and how you can charge, and even how you re-experience your city for the first time on a silent ride.

NIU technology is making congestion and traffic problems of the past. Start your day with a fun commute that saves money, time and even helps the environment.

Urban parking is always stressful. As cities cut down on parking spaces, the practicality of owning a scooter makes finding a spot unnecessary. With NIU, you can park closer to your destination for little to no cost at all.

Our removable batteries allow you to charge your NIU any time you have access to a standard power outlet. With our all-new fast-charging batteries, you can be fully charged in just 3.5 hours.

Weighing in at less than 14 kg and 11 kg respectively, our NGT and M+ batteries are easy to carry to and from your scooter. You can charge at home, or charge at the office and your boss will be paying for your “electric gas”.

When you ride a NIU, you will have a whole new connection with the city you live in; we call it “Niuvana”- it’s the sensation you have when riding electric and you can hear, feel, and see the city around you like you have never before.


We’ve been working on NGT and M+ for over two years now. With your support, we will bring them worldwide by January 2019.  Within a few days after the campaign on Indiegogo finishes on October 26th you will receive an email from us to 1) Select the color of scooter you would like and 2) Select the store/dealer you will pick-up and make your final payment for your scooter.

All along the way you will get updates from our team to give you a status of update on the production, shipment, and arrival of your selected scooter.  Once the scooter arrives at your local store/dealer, you will receive an email from us to tell you it is time for pick-up. You will make your final payment, less the €100 deposit you paid here online.

Here is a list of stores that you can currently pick-up at…more coming online soon:


Since our launch, NIU has gone from an idea, to the #1 Smart Electric Scooter brand in the world. From Shanghai – Paris – Santiago, you can see NIU zipping around globally across cities.


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