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O2 is the ultimate solution to over exertion, which brings relief to programmers all over the world. Our original patented technology sets programmers free from complicated, button based procedures by allowing them to operate with a joystick-type device with just one hand. Images that programmers and developers work with are very delicate. Even if they come up with amazing designs and ideas, a countless number of complex keyboard operations can cause them to expend a tremendous amount of energy. That energy would be better spent doing what they do best, programming! O2 is a creative device that alleviates a programmers’ fatigue by reducing the operation and physical aspects of working a standard keyboard. O2 is the best partner for your mouse, pen tablet or other keyboard based device.

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O2 is a state of the art device that was developed in order to eliminate unnecessary keyboard operations. We implemented a unique mechanism that cannot be found in existing products, which resulted in both high-functionality and miniaturization. The greatest feature of O2 can be found in its versatility. O2 can be placed anywhere. It corresponds with any creative application in any field, and can be placed on a variety of surfaces such as slanted or bumpy desks. Also, the O2 was designed for ambidextrous use. Symmetry is built in. So that it can be utilized by a right or left handed programmer. O2 has liberated programmers from conventional shackles, such as keyboards, it is extremely user friendly and intuitive with the ability to perform numerous functions from one home position. The O2 boasts 3 simple features that distinguish it from other products.

The O2 offers 32 – 256 types of shortcut key and button operations for any creative software. You only need to manage three functions, “tilt”, “roll” and “push”. Control is right at your fingertips. Depending on the way you combine these functions, you can assign several hundred commands. Moreover, you can conduct complex operations continuously by combining three movements, similar to how you would execute special moves in fighting based video games.

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Ergonomic design that effectively reduces the programmers’ exhaustion due to repeated movements over an extended period of time. We believe that shortcut keys are not the optimum keyboard operation method for programmers. According to our research, we found that the shortcut keyboard operation, such as Ctrl + something, actually causes damage to our hands, over time. Now, this may not be a big issue for general PC users, however, it is a cruel reality for those who often manage over 1,000 shortcut keyboard operations in an hour. This can often result in tenosynovitis, more commonly known as ‘trigger finger. We conducted a number of experiments and developed various prototypes, hence designing O2 to allow creators to use it without over exerting themselves. We altered the shape so that programmers do not have to grip it tightly, but rather gently place their hands on it. This achieves a noticeable reduction of unnecessary stress on the programmers’ hands. Even after working for long hours.

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Besides its compatibility with various kinds of creative software, such as illustration software and movie (film editing) software, it can be used with anything in which the short-cut keys can be assigned. You can confirm that the O2 mode is activated by glancing at the LED light located in the lower section of the O2 device. In this way, you can toggle between multiple software programs simultaneously without confusion. Configure your custom luminous LED to suit your needs!

Use a USB cable to connect O2 to your PC. Download both software and hardware from the Portal website, and then go straight to settings. The actual operation of O2 is done by using the joystick located on the upper section of O2 called the “Orbital Engine” along with an interface located in the center called the “Flat Ring”. You can assign up to 8 functions (dial/switch) to the “Orbital Engine”, and select which function to use simply by pointing the joystick in that direction. For instance, on video editing software, you can tilt the joystick to fast-forward. Or you can rotate the joystick to move the cursor and push it when you want to stop. By combining different movements, you can continuously and easily navigate different editing tasks. With the “Orbital Engine”, you can toggle between different functions using the guide menu that appears when you tilt the joystick. The “Flat Ring” is an interface that consists of eight switches placed on the circumference of the ring. You can assign standard keyboard commands, select which menu to overlay on the screen and add functions (max. 8) to one switch. Moreover, you can move your cursor just slightly to access additional functions by using the ring-shaped UI flick menu in the center of the cursor. The O2 also provides a list menu that is perfect for your mouse operation. With these two brushed-up interfaces and no unnecessary features, we achieved a vast network with numerous operations that require less actual physical/motor movements. This makes major improvement in the work efficiency of programmers.


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