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#Update: A Tour to TeamGee Factory 

#Update: Stretch goal for $75,000: 4 different under deck graphics designs to choose from.

At Teamgee, we make the best electric board and serve the coolest people. Over the past few years, we have received many favorable comments from previous customers.

But we didn’t stop there.

SAIL is a revolutionary electric skateboard designed for everyone. At only 11 lbs in weight, you can take this ultra-thin yet powerful skateboard anywhere you go.

 Review of SAIL by Paolo

 Review of SAIL by Natalie Pluto

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, SAIL offers more fun than you could ever imagine.

Thanks to its powerful brushless motors, SAIL can travel at up to 20 mph with 14 miles of range on a single charge. It puts fun into your commute.

Feel the wind in your hair and freedom beneath your feet as you cruise along at a top speed of 20 mph. Built with 2 different speed modes, allowing you to stay comfortable on the board.

Powered by a single silent in-wheel hub motor, SAIL has a range of 14 miles and will get you where you’re going, fast.

SAIL offers an even better experience than the traditional skateboard, with all the futuristic features the traditional board doesn’t have.

SAIL is built with an advanced battery bank that is as thin as the deck itself and built right into it.

Advanced built-in battery bank
Advanced built-in battery bank

No more bulky battery packs! You don’t have to worry about damaging it or getting it wet. Just a lean, powerful board beneath your feet.

Easy to learn.

Designed to accommodate any level of expertise–from the timid amateur to the adrenaline-seeking veteran, SAIL is the easiest electric board to jump on and start cruising.

Drop Through Deck
Drop Through Deck

Thanks to its integrated battery, shorter trucks and drop through deck, Sail sits closer to the ground. This lowered center of gravity offers better rider balance and easier turning or carving. It’s for everyone.

Built to last.

The deck is made of 11-Ply Canadian Maple and Carbon Fiber, giving it a strong durability but also allowing it to bend and flex like a regular longboard. This design also allows the integrated battery cells to stay protected and bend with the board.

SAIL uses 90 mm PU wheels, meaning less drag, longer lasting, lighter, smoother brakes, and a silent ride (you will hear no extraneous sound like you’d notice on belt-driven systems).

You’ll also be able to kick push the SAIL when the battery runs out.

The in-wheel hub motors also have regenerative braking, meaning the battery recharges as you go downhill or slow down.

Regenerative braking for longer ride
Regenerative braking for longer ride

With its intuitive ergonomic remote, SAIL is easy to control. Its acceleration and deceleration respond quickly, allowing you to find the perfect speed and slow down right when you need to.

Featuring an intuitive design, SAIL’s ergonomic remote control not only allows you to control your board perfectly but also keeps you informed about your speed, battery status, and even the direction of your SAIL.

We began our business as an OEM and ODM of various electronic components, but we definitely didn’t limit ourselves. In the past few years, we have established ourselves in the E-mobility world by offering products such as the hoverboard, electric-scooter and unicycle.

In 2016, we started to get into the electric skateboard business and have been selling EXTREMELY well in the Chinese market.


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