Tractors in 2040 sure look intense


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I never thought I’d say this, but I actually prefer this tractor concept over my own car… errr… almost any car, for that matter. It’s called the Valtra H202 and it’ll put your hooptie to shame!

Designed as part of the Valtra Design Challenge, the vision is for the year 2040. As clean as it is mean looking, it’s powered by an advanced hydrogen fuel cell/electric engine that results in enormous, consistent torque. As fun as it looks to drive, it’s meant to rely on autonomous operation, remote control via app, and laser guidance to enhance safety and efficiency in the field. Despite its aggressive, ultra-modern look that’s almost reminiscent of a monster truck, it’s an obvious evolution of the archtypical form of the tractor, making it instantaneously recognizeable.

Designer: Lorenzo Mariotti


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