The World’s Thinnest iPhone Case

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According to Vincoe

Naked Feel
With a flawlessly thin body of only 300 microns, around the thickness of 3 human hairs, the UltraRaw case delivers a sturdy, yet naked feel that hugs your iPhone like a second skin
Superfast Wireless Charging
Give your iPhone 8 Plus unfettered access to the fastest wireless chargers on the market.
Camera. Protected.
The contoured lip around the camera gives you complete access to your lens and flash while carefully wrapping around them with a comfy fit.
Specialist Details
A precise cut for each and every button and hole gives your iPhone that tailor-made look while providing seamless access to everything.
Quick Switch
The cleverly ridged corners allow you to easily switch out the case in one swift motion so you can change your SIM with ease.


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