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Wireless music should be convenient and affordable. That’s why we built superior-sounding wireless earbuds that can charge directly from your phone case. SoundFlow provides simplicity and stunning wireless sound.
• High-Fidelity Graphene Audio
• Ambient Noise Cancellation
• 8 Hour Battery Life / Charge
• Rain, Sweat and Dust Proof
• Twist-to-Lock Secure Fit

• Hands-Free Calling

Charge Three Wireless Devices – All In One






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Experience crisp highs, clear mids and reverberating lows.



SoundFlow’s custom graphene drivers deliver unprecedented audio clarity.
Feel your music exactly like the artist intended.



Don’t let a brand name cost you money and performance.



Thoughtfully designed to match the unique contour of your ear canal, Soundflow will always stay put. Discover a fit you’ll only get with Twist-To-Lock.



Go harder with Soundflow and crank it to 11—indoors or out. Sweat, dust, rain? No problem!



Simply tap to control your music, calls, and access your voice assistant.




The world’s first phone case that powers your wireless earbuds. Charged and ready wherever you go, just remove the earbuds and let the SoundFlow.




Drops, bumps, and bounces – no problem! Soundflow was designed with a top-of-the-line impact absorption system. Even in extreme situations, the earbuds stay secure and your phone is protected.



Everything your phone needs, now in the palm of your hand.

The SoundFlow SmartCase is your phone’s Perfect Partner:
Protect your phone and power your life.



An ultra-portable solution, compatible with ANY bluetooth device.



The SoundFlow earbuds fit securely and can be tracked up to 1,500 feet away with our app.



The SoundFlow earbuds are hard to lose. But if you ever do, we’ll replace them in 2 days for $20.





Drown out the crowds and never miss a beat.


Whistle while you work, morning, noon, and night with SoundFlow’s all-day battery life.


Power through and stay on pace with Soundflow.


Absorb the material a little quicker with premium quality sound.


When your phone battery lasts all day, your commute home turns into a little more “me” time.


Durable and long-lasting; the perfect hiking companion!


With the extra battery life and fast, easy-charging, your earbuds will last the entire flight.


Free your ears and your mind with the only worry-free earbuds made just for your lifestyle.














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