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The QWNN: Light + Power. Anytime. Anywhere. A unique origami-inspired portable solar lantern + power bank.  Designed for life….on or off-the-grid
* lightweight, flat-packable, portable, waterproof
* built-in 4000 mAh re-chargeable power bank
* charge via sunlight or micro-USB port
* 6 light modes, 45-320 lumens
* up to 48 hours of continuous light
* built-in magnets, heavy-duty elastic handles Join us. Change the way you light your world! NOTE:  On Mobile, click “READ THE STORY”.

The beautiful, origami-influenced design of The QWNN, harnesses the sun’s power to give you brilliant light to accent your home, garden, and outdoor adventures.

Every detail of the QWNN has been carefully designed for beauty, convenience, functionality, and durability – taking form and function to a whole new level.

The powerful and versatile QWNN is the perfect on-the-go companion. Ready for outdoor adrenaline adventures, serene nights under the stars, lazy slumbers on the beach, chills by the pool, or just kicking back at home….. it’s designed for life. Your life.

With up to 48 hours of continuous light and a built-in power bank for mobile charging,
take comfort knowing that where ever you are… you can stay connected.

In addition to the natural elegance of the PVC-free Sail Cloth material, it is also UV coated and military grade to withstand rigorous outdoor conditions.

“Solight Design products have enormous advantages because they are so compact, eco-friendly, and provide a free source of light…and now electricity too…having access to lighting in a disaster zone or vulnerable community increases safety exponentially.”
–Bill Horan, former president of Operation Blessing International

By using the limitless power of the sun, The QWNN offers clean, sustainable energy and can change the way we light and power our world.

There is a profound link between our health, our climate, and extreme poverty.

Fossil fuels, used for energy and lighting globally create 65% of the pollution in the air. Even a low energy light bulb causes 22 lbs of carbon emissions per year causing 13.75  billion tons of carbon emissions for US households alone! 75% of air pollution in urban areas is due to energy consumption from buildings.

If everyone in the United States used solar lights for a few hours a day in place of regular light bulbs, we could save up to 11 BILLION tons of CO2 emissions per year!

You CAN make a difference! Say YES to clean energy and light for our lives and our homes.

We started this company to help people and to make lives better. Solight Design has a social mission to bring light to underserved regions around the world. The SolarPuff was created in response to the 2010 Haiti earthquake, and we have since expanded to a whole line of solar lanterns.



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