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Reichbusters: Projekt Vril
It’s time to storm castles, beat up bad guys, and steal all of the bad guys’ stuff because heroes don’t get paid a salary and their only health insurance is a set of mana potions.

Grab your cloak of many pockets and your explorer’s pack—we’re going on a dang adventure.

—Trin, Anya, and Luke

🎶 New York, New Yooork 🎶
This week on the pod, we dive into the New York independent games scene. New York indies Francesca Carletto-Leon (StarCrossed) and Pat Brennan (Status Report) join us for a rousing conversation about friendship, terrible games events, and what might happen to society if the average human lifespan were extended to 350 years.
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Tabletop Games
Reichbusters: Projekt Vril
By Mythic Games
Lurking in the depths of Wewelsburg Castle are the bizarre results of Projekt Vril. Strap in and bust up a reich.
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Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood of Venice
By Triton Noir
Work together with your team of assassins to defeat the Templars and determine the fate of the Brotherhood in the famous City of Masks.
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War for Chicken Island
By Draco Studios
On Chicken Island, only one can rule the roost. Lead your army to battle and become the King of Chicken Island.
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Video Games
By Studio IntoThePines
Traverse the open world, protect your loot—and your life—and tame the wilderness to build your kingdom.
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Shredded Secrets
By Girls Make Games
Shredded Secrets is a platformer about the adventure of middle school, made by middle schoolers. Face problems like bullying and heartbreak, and find your way through them in meaningful and productive ways.
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Where the Bees Make Honey
By Brian Wilson
Explore the rich inner world of Sunny as she daydreams about her childhood from her cubicle at work.
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