The slimmest instant-camera ever made

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The M24.004 (that’s probably a codename) comes with an incredibly sleek design that’s thanks to a few key features. It lays its components out in a way so that they’re space-optimized. The lens is placed the way it is so that the battery can sit behind it, forming the cylindrical volume in the camera, while the printing paper and the basic PCB, the flatter components, fit in the rest of the flat frame. The absence of a screen cuts the thickness (by also reducing the load on the battery), and a hollow space at the opposite side of the camera lens actually serves two purposes. Wire management, and a very rudimentary viewfinder that you’re probably not going to use because the camera is so slim it doesn’t really block your face if you hold it near your eye while lining up the shot.

When you’re done, just take the print out, and slip the camera back into your laptop bag because it’ll easily slide in, thanks to its incredibly slick and slim profile! And I can’t get enough of that beautiful grungy distressed metal finish. Looks absolutely badass!

Designer: Shaun Wellens (The Anvil Studio)



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