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Not all lights are created equal. As your all-in-one AI wellness coach, Auri makes your home a tranquil forest, an astonishing mountain, a calm lake and all other natural atmospheres, inspiring every moment at home.
• Light and sound ambiance to create a sensational soothing atmosphere
• Control your home with built-in Amazon Alexa
• Premium sound quality
• Professional lighting, full customization of brightness and color temperature • Simple and elegant design
• Smart USB


Auri is the all-in-one solution for your bedroom. It is the beautifully designed, award-winning, intelligent light with magical lighting, premium sound, smart charging for your devices, and Alexa build-in. It’s the ultimate all-in-one device that enlightens every moment of your home from morning until night.







“Aurish” is Auri’s language system which brings natural and emotional ambiance through light and sound. With mental wellbeing in mind, we created a clever language for Auri that uses a combination of light and sound to help you achieve a sense of calm in order to wind down after a hectic work day.

The AI-empowered atmospheric lights can simulate thousands of different environments such as Rainforests, Beaches, Islands, Oceans, and more. Through Auri’s companion app, all you have to do is pick an ambiance you’d like to experience and relax.



Auri also offers thousands of unique ambient sounds which can help you focus at work, sleep better at night, and improve your mood. Though if you’re looking to spice things up, you can also choose sounds from Alexa-compatible apps such as Amazon Music and Spotify.

We have defined 26 combinations of light and sound to sync with your daily mood. Through “Aurish” you’ll be guided through a soothing and immersive ambient experience to lift your mood, help relax during meditation, or simply drift off to sleep.




Auri offers fantastic sound quality with its advanced full range transducer with passive radiators to deliver high-quality sounds. Paired with the omnidirectional acoustic deflector, Auri spreads consistent sound coverage to every corner in your room.

Auri also offers high fidelity audio thanks to the PureTone audio and PurePath HybridFlow processing structure. The copper capped T-pole also reduces inductance, significantly improving high-frequency responses while keeping least low-frequency distortion.



The Omnidirectional Acoustic Deflector at the bottom of Auri directs the sound from the Transducer which evenly spreads the sound wave with uniform 3D coverage of the room’s surroundings for a premium 360-degree sound experience.


Meditation & Yoga


Auri is the perfect companion for yoga and meditation. The built-in unique sounds and add-on oil diffuser can provide an easy solution for your peace of mind, helping keep the mind sharp, relieve stress and anxiety, and allow you to come away relaxed and prepared to take on the world.


Sleep Aid & Natural Wake Up


We have all had one of those nights which we had serious trouble falling asleep. The Auri light is the first device in the world using light, sound, and fragrance to help you fall asleep faster, wake up refreshed, and with an aim to improve your sleep quality.


Enjoy Music & Game


Music and gaming is the perfect way to relax after work. It’s made even better with Auri as Auri understands and reacts to your music and surroundings.

Auri features a world-class sound system designed by top acoustic experts featuring technology that projects mind-blowing sound in every direction. What does this mean? It means Auri immerses you in crystal clear sound no matter where you are in the room.




With one tap from your phone, Auri can tune into different light and audio modes. Preset everything such as romantic lighting, some smooth jazz, and the fragrance you favor, and Auri will have prepared the perfect date night for you and your loved one. (Roses not included)




Auri’s Built-in dash Charge USB port is the best charging solution for your nightstand.  No more looking for power outlets in the dark.



With Alexa built in and multi-directional voice detection, you can control all your smart home devices such as NEST, Hive, TP-Link, Wemo, and more, with the most popular and familiar voice assistant. All in one neat little package.


Why Auri?





Not all the lights are created equal. Auri’s LED light belts emit light onto the outer shell which diffuses evenly making it bright and free of glare. Furthermore, unlike traditional energy saving bulbs, Auri offers flickers free light which is closer to natural light and gives you a better reading experience. Auri also guarantees over 50,000+ hours of lighting.


Flicker-free and energy saving, no glare, and 50,000+ hours life



Multiple AI interactions (voice, infrared sensing, touch & app) to give you a smart life of the technology.


Voice Control


With Auri’s built-in Voice AI, you can play your favorite music, check the latest news, command all smart devices in your home all with your voice. The 4-microphone matrix on the top of Auri allows it to hear from you in all directions. Auri is always there ready to help.


Infrared Sensing


By using human detection technology, Auri knows when you arrive at home, get up at night, or just walking by the living room to get a cup of coffee in the morning. This means you will always be welcomed with Auri’s gentle and warm lighting.

*Auri Motion Sensor needs to be purchased separately.


Touch Control


The elegant designed gold touch panel on the top of Auri allows you to access the full control of Auri light in one place.


App Control


Auri’s App is designed for easy to a selection of all lighting modes. You can also customize your Auri light settings through its simple and intuitive user interface.




Auri team worked with the famous sound artist Xingyu Li who spends his time traveling around the world recording sounds from nature such as the rainforest, birds, and the waves moving across the water, so that we can offer unique, ambient sounds specifically curated for Auri. We’re incredibly proud of the ambient sounds we’ve created to help you focus during meditation, lull you to sleep or to relax after work.




The design of Auri originated from the wonders of nature including the Antelope Canyon, Terraced Fields, rolling deserts, and many others areas of the world where the earth moves and slopes The simple and parametric design language delivers a humble yet stylish look to any home. Auri can perfectly blend in with any modern home thanks to its elegant yet rational design.



Auri Oil Diffuser


With various accessories specifically selected for Auri, there are numerous combinations waiting for you to customize for your ideal lifestyle. (i.e. we strongly suggest you to use Auri oil diffuser to introduce a scent of nature and zen in your room, and bring peace and tranquility through the sense trinity of visual, hearing and smell for your yoga and meditation practice.)


Auri Motion Sensor


Motion sensor makes Auri more powerful. It is tiny, adaptive, easy to install, always attentive. Just attach it on the ceiling or door frame, wherever you would wake up Auri. Secet natural lighting or automated wake-up modes in the Auri App to define how Auri reacts to you.


As a global AI technology company, Ling Technology strives to find the most intuitive way of interaction, and to design a series of AI consumer products that will push the limit of industry. We are dedicated in becoming the premiere brand in global consumer AI product market.






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