Kraus Aerospace, Inc. Drones with Infinite Airborne Capabilities

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Kraus Aerospace is producing breakthrough technology that will revolutionize how the defense and commercial sectors utilize Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). A synergetic multipronged approach provides industry-disrupting solutions for customers on a global basis and at a fraction of the current cost.

High initial and operational costs alone can mean that the potentially life-saving and strategic benefits of drone use may not be an option for various defense forces and commercial customers. With the rise in global conflict and international/political tensions escalating, drone technology has not kept pace with the resulting demand. Other restrictions include:


Kraus Aerospace has developed three synergetic go-to-market offerings to deliver cost-effective solutions for UAV systems, data capture & processing, actionable intelligence and end-to-end airborne services:


These three services complement one another to provide the most comprehensive and cost-effective UAV service available, with endless applications.


How can the UAVs stay airborne indefinitely?
Kraus’s UAVs utilize dynamic energy management systems to harvest naturally available and renewable energy including alphavoltaics (nuclear), photovoltaics (solar), kinetic and thermal energy (AI based onboard processing of wind and updrafts) to stay aloft. They also rely on automated throttle management to optimize lift versus energy use.


What is the maximum distance from the operator, really?
The use of multiple redundant communication systems including various satellite constellations for navigation and control enables their drones to be operated from anywhere in the world. Short answer? The limit does not exist.

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SP-ISR services are deployment-ready worldwide

AI based Predictive Autonomous Intelligence architecture, design, and codebase testing is underway

A key white paper authored by the U.S. Air Force has identified Kraus Aerospace technology as a critical technology to enable non-stop airborne capabilities for both manned and unmanned aircraft

Awarded adefense contract to standardize drone communications into the Air Force Drone-TAK common controller





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