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Create a new tomorrow for 30 million amputees around the world by funding one hundred 3D printed, ultralight, AI enhanced high tech prosthetic arms with individually moving fingers and force feedback for one hundred amazing and tenacious amputees today.


Unlimited Tomorrow’s advanced prosthetic devices not only change the lives of amputees by enabling thousands of everyday tasks like eating and shaking hands but also by empowering amputees to achieve their ambitions. Integration and use of modern technologies in design and manufacturing make these arms not only as tenacious as the people who wear them but also cost less than a tenth of traditional prosthetic devices.

Earlier this year you helped us break records by raising $1.6 million through equity crowdfunding which helped us build a state of the art manufacturing facility in New York and grow our team. Now, we are asking for your help again. It’s a long journey to help the 30 million amputees around the world, but like all journeys, it begins with a single step.

Join us today. Let’s take the first 100 steps together.

100 amputees. 100 advanced prosthetics.

100 amazing individuals grabbing life with both hands.

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Zoe is an aspiring actress and dancer. A device like this would open a whole new world of dance moves and allow her to hold her coffee.

Caldwell loves exploring the outdoors and learning history. A device like this would help with carrying his school books and fostering a future in music.


Nicole loves to rock climb and studies marketing. She’s looking for a device with individual finger movement to help with life’s adventures.



Each Unlimited Tomorrow prosthetic is as unique as its user. From skin tone and weight to shape and size.



STEP 1:  Amputee completes our eligibility form and submits the required data into our HIPAA compliant online system. 

STEP 2: 3D scanner is sent directly to the amputee. With the help of friends or family, they use the volumetric scanner to capture the exact proportions and coloration of their full arm as well as the unique detail and shape of their residual limb.

STEP 3: Once we receive the 3D scan data it goes through our custom software that makes the device a mirror image of their full arm down to finger length and width. Trained professionals use the scan data to digitally sculpt a socket – a unique attachment mechanism tailored to each amputee. This whole process takes a matter of days as opposed to weeks or month for traditional devices.

STEP 4: Using state of the art 3D Printers their unique device is printed in color using durable and robust materials. The device is then assembled and tested.  

STEP 5: We ship this advanced prosthetic device to the new owner. Once worn the real magic begins as the advanced muscle sensors and AI system adapts and learns along with the new owner.



  • The cost of conventional devices can range from $30,000 to $100,000.
  • There are over 30 million amputees worldwide and only 5% have access to prosthetic devices.
  • A growing child needs a new device every 12-14 months.
  • At under $10,000, Unlimited Tomorrow can provide a more functional and better looking device for 10% of the cost of a conventional limb.
  • We can produce 10 of our devices for the cost of 1 conventional device.


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