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Poizo is a unique smart infrared multi-zone heater that can create up to 6 different temperature zones simultaneously, according to each user’s preference. Poizo projects heat precisely to the people in the room and adapts to their close environment to optimize their thermal comfort while lowering overall energy usage. With Poizo your personal thermal comfort becomes your own, individual choice instead of being the subject of compromise or debate.


Heating the old-fashioned way consumes 79% of ALL energy generated in the EU. And 85% of this energy is generated using fossil fuels still to date. The situation isn’t much better in the US and Canada either: in 2016, 17 metric tons of CO2 was released into the atmosphere in the US – per person!

Our heating habits relying on this outdated technology are the main cause of smog in most cities.

Let’s free the world from unnecessary CO2 emission caused by outdated and wasteful heating technologies!

Instead of heating the whole house unnecessarily, create microclimates that focus the heat to smaller spots in the apartment. With this you can already lower your house’s energy consumption by 33% – 40%.

In addition, with POIZO’s directional heat technology and smart control you can even double the savings. Sounds fair to your pocket and to your planet, right?


Our patent-pending Directional Heat technology provides multi-zone heat projection, allowing users to simultaneously personalize their thermal comfort according to their own unique needs. This means that everyone in the same room can enjoy their own level of comfort at the same time, resulting in better moods and happier coexistence. Also, Poizo prevents energy waste by selectively targeting and heating the areas that need it.


Besides personal thermal comfort Poizo gives you another kind of comfort by being ultimately safe to use.

A 3D sensor constantly monitors the position of the device, and if it senses anything strange (for eg. the appliance tips over) the heating automatically switches off. Poizo automatically lowers the temperature if an unhealthy or dangerous setting is chosen or if it gets overheated. In case of a software disfunction, it switches off completely.

As the heating happens through projection, Poizo doesn’t have any fans. No fans mean no noise at all. Sounds great, right?


Poizo is equipped with machine learning technology that learns each user’s personal comfort and sets heating power accordingly. Through continuously monitoring the changes in the environment, Poizo is able to fine-tune the projected heat to flawlessly ensure each user’s personal preference.

In addition, the heater’s smart functions are easily controlled via the Poizo mobile app, meaning all the six zones can be simultaneously adjusted by six users and their six smartphones. Let’s just admit: six is the new sexy!

Remember the time when you and your significant other had the first fight over the thermostat settings? Yeah… we all do. In almost every household where more than one person lives, arguments happen from time to time regarding personal comfort. One of you is feeling either hot or cold – losing control over their own thermal comfort…

The reason behind this unease is the way we heat our rooms: ​the most widespread method is called convectional heating: it first heats the air which then will heat our bodies. However, the hot air inside the room will first rise to the ceiling and then return to us much cooler. In essence we first heat the ceiling followed by the whole volume of air in the room before we’d be able to feel some warmth.

To make matters worse, we usually heat the room to the level where nobody feels cold, but to achieve this we overheat the air and not only in the room where we are at, but in the whole house! This results in increased energy consumption which in turn increases the greenhouse gas emissions: the #1 reason of polar bears starving to death. Your local heating is pretty much a global problem.

Comfortable and healthy heating

  • Infrared waves represent a safe and healthy way to heat – and guess what: it’s the same method our good old Sun uses to heat our planet. As it has been around all time, ever since the first life forms appeared on Earth, no wonder we find the warmth provided by sun rays the most pleasurable. Rest assured, infrared waves have nothing to do with burning your skin, they only provide heat – but no risky tan at all.

  • Traditional heating methods which completely warm up the air in the room, can cause a big drop in air humidity, resulting in constant dry air indoors(below 40% humidity) during the cold season. Low humidity can cause dry skin, irritate nasal passages and throat, and make the eyes itchy. Poizo’s infrared heating method does not dry the air in volumes, which results in a more optimal and natural air humidity indoors with no irritations or other symptoms.
  • Poizo’s Directional Heat Technology makes it possible to aim the infrared waves to the exact direction where they are needed.
  • Poizo provides Multi-Zone Heating with 6 individually controllable heating zones at the same time, allowing each user to set up different heating temperatures simultaneously.

Safe heating

  • ​​It’s common knowledge that most house fires are caused by portable heaters which easily overheat or flip over. Poizo’s infrared technology has allowed us to significantly decrease the surface temperature needed for providing heat.
  • The device also has 3D sensors built in which immediately recognize if the heater is about to flip over. The sensors cut the power instantly to make an accident even less likely.
  • Poizo continuously analyzes the temperatures around the device and if for any reason it rises over a range (i.e. the device gets covered with a cloth), the heating power will be lowered.

Smart heating

  • ​​Besides controlling Poizo on the device itself, you can – of course – control it with your smartphone using Bluetooth.
  • Using the Poizo app each user can create their Personal Comfort Profile allowing the device to learn their individual settings and to use this knowledge to intuitively adjust to their exact thermal needs.


The Poizo smart device with its many sensors and the related smartphone app create a true, ever-evolving comfort ecosystem.

  • ​​By using Poizo, it constantly learns about your behaviour and usage patterns in order to make you feel warm and cozy any time while using the least amount of energy possible.
  • Your Personal Comfort Profile is not locked to one device or place. This means wherever you go, be it your office or a hotel thousands of miles away, if there is a POIZO device, it will immediately know what temperature and comfort you prefer.
  • No more quarrels: six different users can simultaneously log into one device and set their preferred heating power to the selected zones.

​​The smartphone app also acts like an analytics tool where you can see the power consumption in real time along with information about inside and outside temperature and humidity levels.

You can set notifications in case you exceed a certain threshold of energy usage to be able to act accordingly. You’ll also receive notification when you get home on a cold winter evening in order to be able to turn on the heating instantly. Also, you can set up an automatic turn off sequence after you leave the area of the device and a certain number of minutes have passed – so it won’t simply turn off when you accidently move out of the zone while at home.


We’ve used an iterative design process from the very early stages by constantly talking to potential users and refining our design and user experience.

Finding the right material is not an easy task. We’ve looked at around hundred different steel, aluminium, plastic and ceramics to find the perfect one for our fit. It had to be safe in higher temperatures,lightweight and durable. Many form and design were first 3D printed to help match the best material.

Four prototypes from the very early stage where we validated our directional heat technology, all the way to the final shape and form, with much better heating efficiency and directionality. Please see a demonstration video of our prototype heating to 2 independent direction on different heating temperature. We are using infra thermometer to show the surface temperature and globe thermometer to measure the projected infrared heat temperature.


  • Got any news, tips or want to contact us directly? Feel free to email us: esistme@gmail.com.

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