Artifact Appears to Have Already Lost More Than Half Its Players

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According to (This article and its images were originally posted on December 7, 2018 at 08:30PM.)

Valve’s new Dota 2 card game has been out for a over a week, but it seems like players are finding it difficult to stick with the game as data shows over half of the players from Artifact’s launch week are sticking around.

According to data gathered by vpesports from Steam Charts and SteamDB the peak player count for December 6 is sitting at around 25,000 players, less than the 60,000 player peak on launch day. That’s more than 30,000 players who appeared to have bounced from Artifact a week after launch.


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This article and images were originally posted on [] December 7, 2018 at 08:30PM. Credit to the original author and | ESIST.T>G>S Recommended Articles Of The Day.


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