The Elextra is Switzerland’s answer to Tesla

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4 seats. 4 doors. 4 wheel drive. That’s the first sentence that greets you when you visit Elextra’s website. The car models itself on a sporty yet spacious supercar that’s capable of seating 4 people… an unusual categorization, but remarkable nevertheless. Touted as Switzerland’s contribution to the electric automobile industry, and a rival to Tesla, the Elextra is a fully-electric sedan that combines a carbon fiber body with brutish Italian styling and a powertrain capable of going from 0-62 mph in 2.3 seconds. The two people sitting in the rear would definitely need to wear seatbelts.

Designed in Switzerland, but built in Germany, the Elextra combines German precision with an edgy design from the Swiss team that’s reminiscent of a Lamborghini or a Ferrari. The supercar features a dual-colored carbon fiber body, with a gray base and a lightning blue top. The eye especially travels to the arrow-shaped detail on the top of the car that gives it an iconic and symbolic characteristic of future-forwardness and speed. The arrow’s tails even come out of the body of the car, almost becoming like fins or spoilers.


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