The Gaze Tray is Apple’s AirPower Charger with a Lifestyle-design Touch

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The Gaze Tray joins an already powerful design movement to make tech and tech accessories more home-friendly. Technology that is present inside an interior space must recognize and respect the space it is in. Flashy, edgy technology doesn’t sit well in a subtle, minimal, Scandinavian interior space, and companies are now beginning to make use of interior-friendly colors, materials, and forms to make these products complement the spaces they are in.

The Gaze Tray is a wireless charger with multiple-device support. However, it isn’t just a charging plate that you rest your gadgets on. It models itself on the design of an organizational tray, but packs wireless charging surfaces into it. It looks like a tray that you’d keep on your workspace or your bedside table to organize your stuff, but also charges your gadgets as you place them neatly in their dedicated zones. The tray packs a charging surface for your phone, your Apple Watch, and even has a cute compartment to rest and charge your Airpods (the guys at Gaze even provide a wireless-charging case for your Airpods). It also packs two additional USB ports for good measure, letting you charge other devices you may have lying around. The Gaze Tray comes in a variety of finishes, the most noteworthy being the leather exterior and the matte rubber exterior that give it an interior-friendly appeal. Even the color palette aims to complement the spaces the Gaze Tray will be in, rather than going for the boring white or black, or the overdone and unimaginative rose gold and space gray.


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