Blood Moon 2019: A Great Total Lunar Eclipse Is Coming Soon!

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According to (This article and its images were originally posted on January 11, 2019 at 01:05PM.)

More than three years have passed since most of North America saw a good total lunar eclipse. So be sure to put a big circle on your calendar for Sunday, Jan. 20.

The viewing circumstances for the eclipse of the full moon that evening will be as good as they can get for much of the United States and Canada. The eastern side of the continent has the best view, but the spectacle of the moon completely immersed in Earth’s shadow will be readily visible from coast to coast. The duration of totality will be longer than normal, too: It will last 1 hour and 2 minutes.

Moreover, coming as it does in early evening, the eclipse should arouse wide interest among the millions of people who can see it during normal waking hours. Amateur groups should take this opportunity to alert schools and news media about their eclipse activities and amateur astronomy in general. How about staging a neighborhood eclipse party? [Super Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse: Complete Guide]


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This article and images were originally posted on [] January 11, 2019 at 01:05PM. Credit to the original author and | ESIST.T>G>S Recommended Articles Of The Day.


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