Crackdown 3 is testing out Wrecking Zone right before launch

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No matter how close we seem to get, Crackdown 3 has always felt like it’s resting just out of reach. Multiple delays and a sizable gap since the last game can have that lasting effect. Almost nine years after the less-than-ideally-remembered Crackdown 2, we’ve made it: Crackdown 3 launches on February 15. I’m ready to demolish entire city blocks, collect orbs, and leap around like a madman.

Xbox Insiders will have a chance to play a portion of Crackdown 3 early. The game’s multiplayer component, Wrecking Zone, is holding a “technical test” beginning this Thursday, February 7 at 12:00pm Pacific. Insiders will have access to the “Agent Hunter game mode on the Blackout Zone map, where combatants score points by taking out opposing Agents and collecting their Badges.”


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