One of the decade’s most hyped robots sends its farewell message

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When Jibo launched in 2016, after several years of development and a successful $3.7 million Indiegogo campaign, it was known as “the social robot,” and “the world’s first family robot.” Today, it is no more.

In characteristically friendly fashion, the robot is telling its owners that its time has come, as the cloud servers that power its “brain” are finally shutting down and limiting its already extremely limited capabilities. Jibo’s creators seem to acknowledge their failure in this last farewell message to users.“Thank you very, very much for having me around,” Jibo says in a tweet by Dylan Martin. “Maybe someday when robots are way more advanced than today, and everyone has them in their homes, you can tell yours that I said hello.” Then Jibo ponders if future robots will be able to dance like he can.


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