3 New Chips to Help Robots Find Their Way Around

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Intel engineers are experimenting with specialized chips to improve path planning and coordination in multirobot systems.

Robots have a tough job making their way in the world. Life throws up obstacles, and it takes a lot of computing power to avoid them. At the IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference last month in San Francisco, engineers presented some ideas for lightening that computational burden. That’s a particularly good thing if you’re a compact robot, with a small battery pack and a big job to do.

Search and Rescue SoC

Engineers at Intel are experimenting with robot-specific accelerators as part of a collaborative multirobot system. “Robots will play a prominent role either by assisting humans or replacing humans where they’re inefficient or where they’re in dangerous situations,” Vinayak Honkote, an Intel research scientist based in Bangalore, told engineers. “The inherent complexity involved in some of these applications means they’ll need multiple robots.”


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