Techland confirms the grappling hook is back for Dying Light 2, promises it won’t break the game this time

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The original Dying Light featured one of the finest parkour systems seen in a game to date, but (spoilers!) Techland eventually turned protagonist Kyle Crane into a makeshift Spider-Man with the introduction of the grappling hook during the story’s final chapters. This allowed players to whip across the heights of Harran with ease and, while it’s somewhat undermined the rhythms of the manual freerunning, it quickly became a fan favourite tool for endgame traversal.

With the reveal of Dying Light 2, many players are wondering whether the infamous grappling hook will be making its grand return, especially since the sequel takes place in a city that’s 400% larger than Dying Light’s total landmass. Speaking with GamesRadar+, Techland’s Lead Game Programmer Bartosz Kulon has indeed confirmed what we’ve all been waiting to hear; the grappling hook is back for Dying Light 2, and this time, it’s functional. Kulon revealed the small detail when talking about the development of the grappling hook’s first iteration, which – as it happens – was the result of a computational error.


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