Use the Mobile Passport App to Breeze Through Customs Without Global Entry

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Waiting in line for U.S. customs when you return stateside from an international flight can be excruciating. There’s a good reason people shell out for programs like TSA Precheck and Global Entry in an effort to speed up the process.

But if you’re planning to travel internationally and don’t have Global Entry, there’s another, totally free tool you can use to whisk yourself to the front of the line and out of the airport that much sooner—the Mobile Passport app.

On the way back from a recent trip Lifehacker trip to Costa Rica, our Senior Video Producer Joel blew everyone’s mind by alerting us to the existence of this app, which allows you to fill out customs information—the kind you normally wait in line at the airport to input on a touch screen machine—ahead of time, and thus head through customs in a separate, usually-much-shorter line. (We’ve covered Mobile Passport on Lifehacker in the past, but what can I say—we don’t always take our own advice the first time around.)


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