BioWare Responds To ‘Anthem’ Fan Concerns About The Game And Communication

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BioWare is plugging away at the lengthy process of fixing and improving Anthem, but the community does seem to have turned a rather negative corner after the latest drop rate fiasco, which had players drowning in loot for a few hours before it was reverted to stingy rates once more, the second time this has happened.

The forums and subreddit have been awash in negativity, culminating in one massive thread posted by a player titled simple “Ok BioWare, What’s Going On?” that included a laundry list of grievances. BioWare has gone from being active to almost entirely silent on the subreddit, but in this case, community manager Jesse “Darokaz” Anderson stepped in with a lengthy, thoughtful response about the state of things that I thought was worth sharing.


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