Anthem fan uses the power of maths to prove loot doesn’t matter

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A dedicated Anthem fan has used the power of maths to reveal something worrying about the game: loot doesn’t really matter.

In a post on the Anthem subreddit titled Power-Scaling: Why Loot Doesn’t Matter Anymore (Math), user TermperHoof analysed the power scaling system added with the recent patch 1.0.3 and found “playing the game as intended will only result in diminishing returns, worthless inscriptions, useless components, and pointless weapons”.

TermperHoof said they spent “three days and three sleepless nights of spreadsheet writing and testing, not to mention countless loading screens” in order to come to the conclusion 1.0.3 “BROKE the game”.

So, what’s the issue? The problem has to do with an item not mattering much when it comes to damage. Rather, currently, the Power Score is all that matters. However, your combined Power Score is pointless. Anthem instead averages what you have equipped that isn’t level one and combines that number into a variable to select an arbitrary multiplier that’s not related to your equipment.


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