Apex Legends Cheaters Are Now Receiving Permanent Bans on Their Hardware

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Battle Royale games have encountered a plethora of cheaters over the span of their existence. Especially on PC. The amount of cheating going on during the glory days of PUBG was rampant. Today, the latest popular title, Apex Legends, is next on the list. Last week I wrote about a popular Reddit post making the rounds calling for Respawn to region lock China due to the rampant cheating. Respawn, is now bringing down the hammer with permanent hardware bans to all cheaters.

According to daily esports, several cheat sharing forums have discussed that people have begun getting punished for their cheating ways. As stated above, this is not your normal account suspension. If Respawn catches a player cheating, they will ban both you and your PC from ever playing the game. On top of that, if there is another account created from that same hardware, the account is then flagged and banned within 30 minutes. Someone was able to grab a screenshot of one cheater that was banned and shared the image to Reddit:


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