Elizabeth Warren Calls for a National Right-to-Repair Law for Tractors

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Massachusetts Senator and Democratic Presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren became the highest profile politician to support right to repair legislation in the United States. Wednesday, Warren outlined out a sweeping plan support family farms and diminish the power of corporate agriculture on Wednesday. At the top of the list, she supports a national right-to-repair law for tractors and other agricultural equipment.

That means she supports the simple idea that people who own a tractor should be able to repair it without permission from John Deere or any other manufacturer. “Farmers should be able to repair their own equipment or choose between multiple repair shops,” Warren said in a Medium post outlining her proposal. “That’s why I strongly support a national right-to-repair law that empowers farmers to repair their equipment without going to an authorized agent.” For now, Warren’s proposal would apply only to farm equipment, not consumer electronics.


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