The Moment The Matrix Changed Everything

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The Matrix turns 20 years old on March 31 and, like many of us, I’ll never forget the first time I saw it.

I was a freshman at New York University and being in the city meant we got to see a lot of movies early, especially through the school. I can’t recall the specific date, but it wasn’t surprising to get an invite to see some weird new Keanu Reeves movie in late February/early March of 1999. A movie called The Matrix.

The timing is everything here.

In early 1999, most science fiction fans were focused on one thing and one thing only: the return of Star Wars in May. Plus, Keanu Reeves was coming off a string of movies including A Walk in the Clouds and Chain Reaction. He was a name, but not the name he would become a few months later. All of that—and, frankly, the rather uninspired marketing for The Matrix—meant it didn’t have many people excited for it. It was just another movie to pass the time before The Phantom Menace. More than anything, I think that’s why a group of four or five of us got in line a few hours early to see it. A new Keanu movie was just something to do on a Wednesday night. Expectations could not be lower.


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