About Healthtap.com


Who we are: HealthTap is a leading digital health company and one of the most trusted brands in consumer-facing online/mobile healthcare.  We connect consumers with top U.S.-licensed doctors for information and for care to help people lead happier, healthier lives.  There are over 70,000 doctors in the HealthTap network, the world’s largest collective of doctors interacting with patients online and via mobile devices.  HealthTap has been praised by leading publications like WIRED, The New York Times, Forbes, Fortune, CNN, NBC, Business Insider, and many, many others – you can learn more at: https://www.healthtap.com


What we offer: This offering is for HealthTap Prime.  HealthTap Prime is our paid subscription service for anytime, anywhere virtual consults with U.S. doctors (HD video or chat, right from your computer or mobile device), for advice, (limited) prescriptions, and reminders.

HealthTap Prime is available in select states.  HealthTap Prime is ideal for: anyone who needs common ailments addressed and related prescriptions issued without the time and expense of going to an in-person doctor’s appointment; busy individuals or those who find it difficult or inconvenient to take time off work to go to the doctor; families caring for children or others who want round-the-clock access to doctors for basic care; individuals who want to be able to contact doctors for primary care consults before and between doctor visits; those who want access to doctors for help with healthy-living and wellness goals; and more.  Doctors on HealthTap Prime can address and resolve most common minor conditions and can provide immediate information on a comprehensive range of health issues.

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